How to sew a snap placket

How to sew a snap placket

Let’s talk about the polo collar. This trendy design brings us to the oh-so-popular old-money style. Want to learn how to sew a snap placket on a polo dress or shirt? Then check out this sewing tutorial based on the Andie dress pattern.


  1. Fully interface the placket pieces and then apply stitch-reinforced stay tape to one long edge and the bottom edge of each piece. Additionally, reinforce the snap placement areas for extra durability.
  2. Reinforce the bottom edge of the placket cutout on the front piece.


  1. On the placket pieces, install the snaps as marked. The “male” part of the snap (the stud) goes on the right placket, and the “female” part (the socket) on the left.
  2. Along one side of the placket with no stay tape applied, sew a line 0.9 cm (just under 3/8”) from the edge. Fold the seam allowance to the wrong side by 1 cm (3/8”), following the line, and press it.
  3. Place the placket pieces right sides together with the front piece, align the edges along the cutout, and stitch with a 1 cm (3/8”) seam allowance stopping 1 cm (3/8”) short of the placket’s bottom edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seams. Press the seam allowances towards the placket.
  4. Fold the placket pieces in half lengthwise and give them a good press.
  5. Clip into the seam allowances at the bottom edge of the placket stopping 2 mm short of the seam.
  6. Turn the placket to the right side and stitch in the ditch of the placket seam, attaching the other side.
  7. Stitch a securing line on the right placket at 1 mm from the edge.
  8. Turn the bottom ends of the placket to the inside and stitch from one corner to the other.
  9. Finish the bottom seam allowance of the placket on the overlocker. Hide the thread tails inside the seam allowance.

And it’s ready!

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