Mob wife aesthetic

Mob wife aesthetic

Do you like movies about gangsters – always full of bloodcurdling stories, shootings, schemes, tears, fear, and passion? If you do, you will enjoy this digest. If not, read it to find out about new micro trends and stay on top of the fashion news.

This winter, social media was taken over by an unexpected trend – mob wife aesthetic. And we’re going to dive into it today. Keep scrolling!

So what is it all about? It emerged on TikTok as a response to the “clean girl” aesthetic. The new trend is based on fashion exercised by Italian-American women. The aesthetic features eye-catching elements like long fur coats, animal prints, leather blazers, cinched-waist blazers paired with midi-length skirts, silk slip dresses, and gold jewelry. And makeup plays a huge role, too – the style demands dramatic eye makeup, neutral lips, and bright nail design. 

Women who started the trend were mainly inspired by the iconic movies of the 1990s, like “The Godfather,” “Scarface,” and “The Sopranos”. If you like the trend, you might enjoy giving them a re-watch.

The trend quickly became viral and caused resentment. The most active haters call for its complete cancellation. Women who dress like mob wives for the sake of fun and TikTok views were accused of cultural appropriation and romanticizing domestic abuse. They were scrutinized for exploiting the culture they didn’t belong to and devaluating the struggles of women who were basically victims of the mafia world.

Critics claim that real mob wives, sisters, and daughters could be hurt to see others making an aesthetic out of their lives where their husbands, brothers, and fathers ran the streets of America and were violent – to them as well. Basically saying, “mob wife” is not about a vintage fur coat, it’s about tears, pain, and fear. These arguments were hard to ignore, so the trend became arguably the first one to be canceled. But we’re sure that the TikTok crowd is going to come up with something new soon.

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