Stylists who dress your favorite celebrities

Stylists who dress your favorite celebrities

Everybody wants to look and dress like celebrities. But do you think they’d be as popular and influential without their genius image makers? In today’s digest, we’ll get to know the world-class stylists that turned some of your favorite actors and singers into fashion influencers:

Maeve Reilly managed to make Megan Fox, who had been out of the spotlight for a while, a real fashion icon. Now we all follow and praise her for her style. Another famous client of Reilly is Hailey Bieber, known for her effortless sport-chic looks.

Just recently, Law Roach was called the most influential fashion stylist. He has never been afraid of styling experiments, which he proves with his own looks. His portfolio includes the most stunning Zendaya looks and red carpet appearances of Anya Taylor-Joy. He is also known for working with Celine Dion and turning her into a fashion legend.

In March, Law Roach announced the end of his celebrity stylist career. He is said to be working on the new projects, and we are looking forward to seeing them!

You need to know only one name to understand the level of Jahleel Weaver’s talent – Rihanna. The singer has been inseparable from her favorite stylist for many, many years now. He is responsible for all of her looks we dissect, applaud, discuss, and try to repeat.

Lorenzo Posocco styles Dua Lipa’s casual and stage appearances. His creations are heavily inspired by the early 2000s era of MTV.

Kate Young has a long list of celebrity clients: Dakota Johnson, Selena Gomez, Julianne Moore, Sophie Turner, Sienna Miller, Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rachel Weisz. She is known for creating original, one-of-a-kind looks that are equally praised and criticized.

Samantha McMillen was named one of the main celebrity stylists by the Hollywood Reporter. Her famous clients are Dakota and Elle Fanning. The last look she created was for Elle Fanning’s appearance at the Met Gala – the look was controversial yet noticeable, which ultimately means it was a success. 

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