Upcoming movies and shows we can’t wait to see

Upcoming movies and shows we can’t wait to see

This year we’re expecting to see a lot of movies and shows that will be interesting for those who love fashion. Some of them are historical, some of them revolve around fashion designers, but all of them will train your fashion eye. In today’s digest, we’ll talk about the most exciting upcoming movies and shows. Keep scrolling!

Recently, the first season of “Cristóbal Balenciaga”, the period drama show, came out. We recommend starting with it. It’s a biopic about the rise of the legendary couturier, the son of a fisherman and seamstress.

We can’t wait to see the fourth season of “Emily in Paris”. Some people like the plot, some don’t, but the outfits of Emily and her girlfriends are always fun and educational to watch.

The first two episodes of the “New Look” series are scheduled to come out this Valentine’s Day. The showrunners promise we’ll see a biographical thriller about how Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and their contemporaries go through the horrors of World War II and give rise to the new fashion.

On International Women’s Day, “High & Low: John Galliano” is coming to theaters. It’s going to be a documentary about the creative career of John Galliano. Remember we just talked about his controversial 2001 Dior show the other day? The movie is going to explore the scandal that led to Galliano’s departure from Dior and his landing on the blacklist.

“Dune: Part Two” is coming out on March 15. We can’t wait to see the spectacular sequel of the 2021 movie based on Frank Herbert’s novel. The costumes will be a gem source of inspiration, we’re sure.

There’s no release date of “MaXXXine”, the last movie of the “X” trilogy, but we know it’s going to feature a lot of cool 80s style fashion.

On October 4, we’ll be watching the sequel of “Joker”, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga. Fun fact: “Joker: Folie à Deux” is a musical, unlike the first movie. 

We can’t wait to see the “Challengers” movie on April 26, starring the icon of fashion weeks and red carpets Zendaya. According to the plot description, she will be dealing with a love triangle.

On April 12, the biopic “Back to Black” is coming to theaters. It’s a movie about Amy Winehouse, a British musician who was a fashion icon and greatly influenced the culture.

Have an exciting weekend!

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