Adding a pocket to knit pants

Adding a pocket to knit pants

Unveiling the easiest pocket addition for knit pants in today’s post with our sewing hacks. Now you can add a pocket to any pair of pants, even if the original pattern didn’t include one.

You’ll need two pocket bag pieces:

  • One from the lining fabric
  • One from the main fabric.

Sewing steps:

1️. On the wrong side of the front leg piece, interface the pocket opening area.

2️. Place the pocket bag cut out of the lining fabric right sides together with the front leg piece.

3️. Mark a frame 5 mm (just under 1/4”) wide and 16 cm (6 1/4”) long. Stitch along the marked lines.

4️. Cut through the center of the frame, starting and stopping 1 cm (3/8”) away from the edge, then angle the cut towards the corners, stopping just 1 mm before the frame’s corner.

5️. Turn the pocket bag through the cut to the right side of the pants.

6️. Press the frame and topstitch around the entire perimeter, at 5−7 mm (about 1/4”) from the edge.

7️. On the wrong side, align the second pocket bag piece cut out of the main fabric with the first one along the curved edges and sew them together with an overlock stitch.

Then, assemble the pants as you normally would.

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