How to adjust garment length and sleeve length

How to adjust garment length and sleeve length

If you need to adjust the length or sleeve length of a garment and want to make it right — check out the pictures to learn how to make these alterations.

How to shorten a dress  

  1. Trace a horizontal line on the back piece above the vent.
  2. Draw a second parallel line at the distance by which you’d like to shorten the garment. Either fold the pattern piece to match the lines, or cut and overlap, then tape in place.
  3. Verify the location and length of the vent.
  4. Make the same adjustment on the front piece, at the same distance from the hem as on the back.

How to alter sleeve length 

If the garment sleeves came out too short, you can alter the pattern piece the following way:

  1. Cut the pattern piece perpendicularly to the grainline, approximately at mid length level.
  2. Spread the pieces by the desired distance and redraw the seam lines. 

If, conversely, the sleeves came out too long, instead of spreading the sections, overlap them by the desired distance.

Give your new skills a try as you sew Vikisews patterns — “Dresses”, “Shirts, t-shirts, blouses”.

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