How to cover shoulder pads

How to cover shoulder pads

How to cover shoulder pads with the main material? A useful tutorial for trendy dresses like Emory, blouses, and blazers is here.

It’s better to take multilayered pads where the height and shape can be adjusted. If the main material is thin enough, then use it to cover the pads. If it is very dense, thick, with nap or spiky metalized threads, then it’s better to choose lining material.

If the shoulder pads are large, trim them. To do this, measure the shoulder seam, draw a new border per this measurement, and cut off the excess fabric.

Now you can start.

  1. Place the shoulder pad with the shoulder edge to the material at 45 degrees to the grainline. Mark around the pad symmetrically on both sides of the shoulder edge.

  1. Cover it with the fabric and pin along the border of the shoulder pad.

  1. Tightly fold the material around the shoulder pad, giving it a curved shape. The inner layer of material will protrude beyond the shoulder pad. Secure with pins.

  1. Cut off the excess material.

  1. Overlock the shoulder pads edges, with the outside facing up. Hide the overlocking thread tails inside the seam allowance. Press the edge.

If you do not have an overlock, add a hem allowance and sew the edge by hand, folding both allowances inward by 7-10 mm. Or bind it with bias tape.