The last romantic in fashion

The last romantic in fashion

Did you know who was the most romantic fashion designer? A heart was a symbol of his brand, and love was his forever inspiration. We’re talking about Yves Saint Laurent. And today we’ll tell you his story. Keep scrolling!

Hearts and love played a huge role in Yves Saint Laurent’s work and life. Love was his fuel and endless source of inspiration. He spent 50 years with Pierre Bergé, the love of his life, his best friend, and co-founder of the Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. A heart became Laurent’s lucky charm and a mascot of his brand. And it appeared in every collection he released.

In 1962, Yves Saint Laurent presented the heart brooch embellished with Swarovski crystals. Yves himself had it for life. The designer added it to one of the last outfits in every show as he believed the brooch brought luck. Later, the collections started to feature all kinds of heart-shaped accessories.

Another fact that will touch your heart is related to Valentine’s Day. The designer used to make heart cards for his loved ones every year until his passing. One of such cards was sold at auction for 169,000.

The best homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s hearts was paid by Hedi Slimane in 2016. Back then, he was the creative director of the Yves Saint Laurent brand. He created a heart-shaped fur coat that went viral and became iconic in an instant – we saw many celebrities sporting the look.

May love be your endless source of strength and creativity! To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, we’re inviting you to shop all the sewing patterns that make your heart skip a beat.

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