Wrong side finishing

Wrong side finishing

These seam finishes will make you want to wear your makes wrong side out. No kidding!

Overlock seam finish. It’s the most commonly used one, but it requires a whole other machine that not everyone has. If you don’t have an overlocker, don’t worry and explore other nifty ways of finishing the seams!

Closed seams: French seam, baby hem, lapped seam, double-fold hem.The French seam and baby hem are perfect for delicate lightweight fabrics.The lapped seam is suitable for shirts and garments made with denim.The double-fold hem works well for fabrics of various weights (except for extra heavy options).

Bound seams. All the sewing perfectionists out there love this seam finish. Opt for this technique to get not only neat seams but couture-looking ones.

Lining. The lining hides all the seam allowances, so you may as well leave them unfinished. The lined garments cost more because they take more effort and time to make.

There are also some exotic seam finishes – Hong Kong seam, for example. Have you tried it?

No finish is also an option. It is used for garments made with faux leather and faux suede – all you need to do is trim the seam allowances with pinking (zigzag) scissors. By the way, you may also use this technique for your knits.

And while we're on the knits.

To finish the knit garments, use a 4-thread overlocker and a coverstitch machine. If you don’t own an overlocker, use faux overlock stitches on the sewing machine. The coverstitch machine can be easily replaced with double-needle stitches.

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