Best Golden Globes 2024 Fashion

Best Golden Globes 2024 Fashion

The year has just begun but we already have loads of red carpet looks to look at. Let’s start with the Golden Globes that took place on January 7th, shall we? The award winners and nominees, of course, were the center of attention but the red carpet was overall exciting and spectacular. Let’s explore the best looks. Keep scrolling!

Actress Elle Fanning chose an archive vintage Balmain gown. Vintage couture looks are a lasting trend. Do you remember us talking about last year? The dress Elle Fanning wore was created by Pierre Balmain himself.

Hunter Schafer appeared in the main it-dress from the last Prada collection. It was increased in length to fit the occasion’s dress code. 

Rosamund Pike also preferred to wear an archive look to the Golden Globes red carpet. She chose a couture 2019 look by Dior. Though it wasn’t the most spectacular look of the night, it sure was interesting and beautiful. 

Taylor Swift deserved to be on the best-dressed list. No doubt. She chose a perfect minimalistic outfit that looked stunning instead of plain: a sleek sequined dress by Gucci, minimum of jewelry, and perfect hair. A recipe for success.

Surreal gowns by Schiaparelli guarantee you won’t be unnoticed on the red carpet. Dua Lipa chose exactly that.

Carey Mulligan also appeared in Schiaparelli. She wore a custom look by creative director Daniel Roseberry – the designer created a copy of the 1949 Schiaparelli dress.

Kylie Jenner wore a 1998 look by a niche Japanese brand. A dress by Hanae Mori looked gorgeous on her.

The art of designing gowns worthy of a red carpet is truly delightful. The good news is you can acquire this skill, too – just try making a gown using patterns from the evening collection by Vikisews! You will be proud of the results!

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