Coquette Core — a guide to the viral fashion aesthetic

Coquette Core — a guide to the viral fashion aesthetic

Today, we’re up to show you a lot of pretty pictures because we’re talking about yet another fashion core in our collection – Coquette core. It emerged last season but became seriously viral after Emma Watson won an Oscar for her role in “Poor Things.”

Some say that this aesthetic is rooted in the Victorian age. Actually, the style is a mix of different eras, even the earlier ones, like Rococo. The reason is that cores are artificially created micro trends that get viral in TikTok first and then escape outside the social media. Many young people won’t bother figuring out the historical eras, that’s why Coquette core is rather a mix.

Let’s explore the new fun aesthetic together. Keep scrolling!

The key elements of the style are velvet, lace, puffy skirts, flounces, bows, lace blouses, corsets, pearls, and stockings.

You can find references to this style in a lot of fashion shows. For example, the ones by Simone Rocha, Miu Miu, and Prada.

In general, the Coquette core can be very diverse, from fully romantic to mixed and mildly coquette, featuring only a few details. The aesthetic looks fresh, playful, and even festive.

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