The coolest shoe trends of 2024

The coolest shoe trends of 2024

It’s time to talk about shoewear trends of this year because all of our spring looks demand new shoes that would look fresh and even unusual. Do you agree? In today’s digest, we’ll talk about shoes that will be fashionable in 2024 and even in 2025. So much to choose from! Keep scrolling!

Those shoes look like they’re furry. But if you take a closer look, they actually look like shiny pom poms. Consider getting yourself a pair of them if you’re searching for ways to brighten up your basic outfits.

Comfort keeps on trending. We’re officially allowed to go outside in slippers. Fashion has never been more approachable. Honestly, we’re thankful.

Swiffers are shoes that sweep your floors. They earned this nickname because of the brand that produces home cleaning products and tools. Fashion designers truly can find inspiration everywhere.

This season, there are no boring shoes in vogue. Designers offer all kinds of studs and rivets, and we suggest taking a look at patent leather and satin shoes.

If you like wearing heels, look for weird, curved, fancy, and elaborate ones. Wedges are in vogue now as well, so you might want to choose unusual-looking ones to be extra trendy.

Oxfords, not Brogues, they say. Give us both, we say! Officecore keeps on dominating, so feel free to choose your favorites among oxfords, derbys, monks, and others.

Stylists say that boots are a must for any wardrobe. And we agree! All boots are in: biker boots, knee-high and over-the-knee boots, riding boots, and other kinds. Plenty to choose from!

Peep-toe shoes are making a comeback. Get ready to dip your toes in 2010s nostalgia and embrace it to the fullest.

Feels like Western boots are actually never out of style. If you have a favorite pair, flaunt it whenever you can. If you don’t, ‘tis the best time to get one!

Any shoes shown in this digest will look great with outerwear that you can create with Vikisews patterns and video courses! Try them!

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