Formal dress sewing patterns review

Formal dress sewing patterns review

If you have a party or some formal event coming up and you need to look fantastic, make yourself a special gown using the formal dress sewing patterns by Vikisews. A large selection of evening dresses, cocktail dresses, ball gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and prom dresses accompanied by step-by-step instructions on how to make them will ensure you end up with a fabulous outfit for the occasion. Keep scrolling!

Emory Dress

will be a great choice if you want to look fancy but pared-back. For example, if you have to dress up for an office party. The dress may seem simple but it has everything to be called trendy: bold shoulders, cinched-waist silhouette, and draping.

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Asel Dress

works as a more minimalistic alternative to Emory. It is the essence of understated elegance – wear it when you need to look sophisticated but stark. You can always make it more party-appropriate using accessories.

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Maryam Dress

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Etel Dress

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Odette Dress

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Florence Dress

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Tiffany Dress

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Elvira Dress

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Ivian Dress

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These versatile dresses will help you if you don’t need a showstopper gown that you will only wear once. Any of these dresses are equally easy to mix into casual looks and to dress up with fancy shoes and jewelry for a night out.

Manuela Dress

may seem simple but it’s a chic take on the evening kimono dress. And it’s basically perfect as it’s difficult to imagine it ever going out of style.

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Lacey Dress

is another dress that will look trendy every season. Any slip dress is versatile due to its styling possibilities: you can use it to create glamorous, feminine looks or take it to another level and assemble a grunge outfit.

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Fabia Dress

is a sleek evening dress that fits into several trends – maxi length, extravagant cutouts, and minimalism.

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Leoncia Dress

will help you create feminine and refined ensembles. And it will bare your collarbones – which is both trendy and sexy.

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Lourdes Dress

Ruching, magnetism, and transparency are trending this season. We would recommend sewing this dress in black, in the finest tradition of D&G.

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Crystal Dress

All fashion-forward sewists will appreciate this dress as it features the hottest trends: maxi length, bare collarbones, and lingerie-inspired design.

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Colette Dress

fits the aesthetic of Crystal Dress as well – it’s a beautiful take on the modern evening dress.

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Flavia Dress

is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind bohemian dress. Wear this special gown to a ritzy event to make the right impression.

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