Fun styling tricks to try this winter

Fun styling tricks to try this winter

This digest is for all who love dressing up, experimenting with fashion, and being the trendsetter. Today, we’ll explore the freshest tricks you can try this winter.

If you like safe and neat fashion, still give this digest a read, as it’s always nice to get inspired and be on top of the latest trends. Keep scrolling!

Leg warmers and socks that are peeking from underneath the boots seem to be the hottest styling tip today. They can match your tights, leggings, or shoes in color or be bright and contrasting instead, to draw attention.

It may seem weird but choose winter footwear that doesn’t match your general style. For instance, wear girly tights and a dress with heavy fur boots, or a casual, safe outfit with flashy moon boots.

Simply put, don’t divide clothes into fancy and casual, street-appropriate and outdoorsy. 

Fur + joggers — is the new sport chic twist. A fur coat can look any way you like: vintage or vintage-looking, natural or artificial.

Tucking accessories under the belt isn’t a practical choice but a stylish one. It looks fresh and fun. Give it a try! For example, tuck a scarf or a pair of gloves under your belt.

Socks over pants look kind of shocking. We know, right? But Gen Z and other fellow fashionistas say and show it’s cool. We believe.

Wrap a boa instead of your regular scarf to elevate an outfit in an instant. Vikisews stylist suggests you make a boa the only eye-catcher of the look – leave the other elements rather simple.

Red opaque tights are FIRE. They look especially stunning if you add them to minimalistic, plain outfits.

Lots of ideas to try if you’re feeling brave and funky. Hope you give a couple of them a chance.

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New styling tricks to try this winter