Jane Birkin, free nipples, and a wicker basket

Jane Birkin, free nipples, and a wicker basket

Jane Birkin, the ultimate style icon, passed away at the age of 76 on July 16, 2023. Her name will forever be a part of fashion history as her revolutionary approach to style and fashion made her outfits not only legendary, but truly timeless.

Birkin is not only about some famous bag. It’s so much more. Keep scrolling!

Frankly speaking, in the 1960s there had been no feminist movements promoting the “Free the Nipple” theme yet, but Jane Birkin always was ahead of time. The motto literally means what it says – free the nipple. The actress’s look at the “Slogan” movie premiere in 1969 forever entered fashion history. She was wearing a see-through mini dress over naked breasts and small panties. She made the public see a different kind of women’s breasts, not trapped and covered up by a bra.

You could say that Jane Birkin was the first influencer, the first It girl who decided that fashion was all about the inner feeling and not the made-up spoken and unspoken rules.

For instance, she used to carry a wicker basket in the city, pairing it even with a fur coat. She even appeared on the red carpet with a basket. Brigitte Bardot once called her “some sheep with a basket.”

Do you know how one of the famous bags was born? Jane Birkin met Jean-Louis Dumas from Hermes on the plane and shared that she couldn’t manage to find a roomy and comfortable bag. They designed the bag together, and the Hermes Birkin bag became an all-time hit. However, later in an interview, the actress said that she still considered baskets the best.

Birkin spent a lot of time working in Paris but she originated from swinging London. That’s why she was a frequent wearer of ultra mini dresses. She was a pro at being effortlessly sexy but not at all vulgar: she wore plain modest tops and flat shoes with mini skirts.

Jane Birkin was a frail girl who highlighted her sensuality with masculine clothes. She made women realize that they could find a lot of hidden fashion gems in their husbands’ closets – she used this trick herself, too.

As you can see, Jane Birkin’s outfits seem trendy and relevant even today. And you can repeat them easily with Vikisews patterns like Doris and Sylvie dresses, Ariadna blazer, and Karen trousers. Give it a try!

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