Long-sleeve top Kendall redesign tutorial

Long-sleeve top Kendall redesign tutorial

A lot of Vikisews clients asked us whether we'll release the long sleeve top featured on the cover of the Haida skirt pattern. The answer is no, simply because it is a hack of the existing Kendall top pattern.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to hack the pattern yourself:

  1. Using a French ruler, blend the neckline on the front piece to achieve a curved edge on the shoulder-tip-to-armscye-notch segment, as shown in the diagram. Mark a 1 cm or 0.7 cm (3/8" or just over 1/4") seam allowance.

Mark the outlines of the cut-out, centering it between the shoulder tips. The cut-out should be approximately 15 cm (6") long and 4.5 cm (1 3/4") wide.

  1. Using a French ruler, blend the neckline with the armscye on the back piece with a curved line. Lower the armscye to make it identical in length to the one on the front piece. 
  2. Use 5–7 mm (around 1/4") wide elastic to finish the upper edge of the garment, as well as the edges of the cut-out. Insert the elastic while overlocking the edges in such a way, so that the right side of the fabric is facing up, and the elastic is facing the wrong side of the garment. Lay the elastic flat, do not pull on it, and do not ease the fabric. Fold the seam allowance under and then topstitch at 4–6 mm (just under 1/4"–1/4") from the folded edge. 

Additionally, you will find in the diagrams: 

All new modeling lines on the front and back pieces

The armscye edge on the front piece blended with the shoulder cap

The armscye edge on the back piece blended with the original shoulder cap. 

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