Sewing equipment and notions for beginners

Sewing equipment and notions for beginners

What sewing equipment and notions does a beginner need to start? In fact, it doesn't take much to start sewing, and the initial investment isn’t too huge.

1. Sewing machine. To try their hand in sewing, novices usually buy affordable sewing machines, but soon enough they start craving something more expensive. When choosing the right model, make sure it features the automatic buttonhole stitch, multi-segment feed dogs, presser foot pressure adjustment, and the zigzag stitch.

2. The required steam and press kit:⠀

- Steam iron + Teflon shoe;

- Cotton pressing cloth (a piece of cheap fabric);

- Sleeve ironing board.

- Ironing board. Make sure it is stable and has an EVEN, dent-free work surface.

3. Cutting-out scissors. It’s crucial that you buy new ones and use them only for their intended purpose.

4. Sewing tape measure. Better buy a new one. They stretch out over time and may have frayed ends. They become uncomfortable to work with.

5. Sewing pins. The handiest are the metal eye pins (with a metal loop at the end) or round pearl head pins.

6. Tailor's chalk, which is similar to school chalk, but not a wax one (it is difficult to wash it off the fabric). Or you can use a chalk powder liner.

7. A set of hand sewing needles.

These are all of the sewing equipment and notions required for a good start. As for an overlocker or a coverstitch machine, a mannequin, etc., you’re going to need them later. Now, let's move on to the creative process itself. It requires high spirits, inspiration, and free time, as well as:

8. The Pattern. A great selection of patterns with step-by-step guides and tutorials is available on

9. The garment fabric, interfacing, and accessories. The pattern description offers advice on what fabric to choose and what amount of it is required.

10. Threads. You can start with inexpensive ones. Coats Moon, for example.

Now that you’re fully equipped, you can set to creating your new personal collection of clothing.

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