6 stylish looks with Vikisews

6 stylish looks with Vikisews

Street style models and influencers put a lot of effort into their looks for a reason. Analyzing their outfits helps us train our eye so that we can create stylish looks of our own. Study street style to spice up your wardrobe and improve your mood. Keep scrolling!

A cool outfit for the cool rainy day: a long sleeve top Laura with an unconventional neckline, cargo pants Deryll, rain boots, and a bomber jacket made of raincoat fabric or a leather jacket Madison. Comfy!

A simple and stylish everyday look: a turtleneck Nettie and plain long skirt Blake combo plus a leather jacket Ariadna or a short coat Aurelia if it’s cold outside.

One more effortless look that would fit any situation: a pair of loose-fitting trousers Karen, a classic top Veronica, and a bomber jacket or a oversized leather jacket Madison that will be the cherry on top of this outfit.

If you’re all about comfort, mix up several styles to get one bold look: a sweatshirt Nikkie + pants with slits Hilary + oversized quilted jacket Cheryl.

If you’re a free spirit, opt for a one-shoulder top Kendall, loose cargo pants Deryll, and a jumper Carol – for coziness.

A pair of leather pants Candice, a top with cut-outs Miley, and a long nap fur coat Faith – here comes the never-fail fashion formula for any occasion: wear it to a restaurant or nightclub, or even to the office if you don’t have a strict dress code.

Creating outfits is a lot of fun. Knowing that the gorgeous clothes that fit you perfectly were made by you is just wonderful. Sew and enjoy!

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