Recreating fashion influencer looks

Recreating fashion influencer looks

Let's make a compilation of the fashion influencer looks to inspire you. Imagine that they’re also sewing with the Vikisews patterns. Why not recreate some of their looks?

We recently dedicated an entire article to Kim Kardashian alone and discovered how did she become a fashion influencer. Now let’s take a look at her outfits created with the Vikisews patterns. :) 

She “wears” a Nettie high-neck sweater, Gladys coat, Tally top, and Joy parka.

Bella Hadid’s outfits are sexy, feminine, and somewhat fierce. She’s a real pro at combining different textures. We discovered a Madison jacket, Lourdes dress, Daphna trousers, and Deryll cargo pants.

Hailey Bieber’s looks are all about comfort. But she sure knows how to execute comfort tastefully. Try a Nancy blazer with Daphna trousers and a Veronica tank top, a costume with Hilary trousers and an Eteri blazer, and a Mirella dress.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley knows how to make the simplest clothes look stylish. The cut, the color, the volume — you can do it, too. Sew an Aveline blazer and Jacqueline trousers, Peyton or Sybil trench coat.

Tiffany Hsu is an expert in mixing up feminine with masculine. Do you also enjoy such blends? Create your own version with the Vikisews patterns: Anne cargo pants, Gladys coat, Veronica tank top, and Carol sweater.

Leonie Hanne’s style is ultra-feminine and chic. Are you into it? Then try our ready-to-make sewing patterns of Lourdes and Leora dress, Agnia skirt, and Ariadna blazer.

Being a celebrity means being a performer, even when you’re running your errands — that’s why they’re often spotted experimenting with style. But most of the time, celebrities wear the same clothes as we do. Elevate your personal style by adding a bit more color, a bit more texture, and a bit more volume to your looks. And be your very own superstar.

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